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Overcome downy reaction blueness to hide highway circuitry strategy

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Running hand of · most brigade suggests, enter Tibet to had better hide the highland on highway from blueness for the first time. Because height above sea level is high, almost everybody can have or light or heavy highland reacts. Normally the proposal flies to Lhasa first, after the body suits return Shi Congqing hides highway.

Season of · first-rate journey is annual 5 ~ in October. Winter is too cold, rare visitor. Even if goes green to hide highway in midsummer, also had better plan the hibernate clothing and other articles of daily use such as vest of sweater, eider down. Pluvial snow weather is common, air temperature may fall to 0 Celsius the following.

The food on highway of · blueness Tibet divides kind: Common cafeteria is more " plain dish " , islamic cafeteria is given priority to with cooked wheaten food and hotpot. Long-distance running blueness hides the driver of the line, the meal that knows where home is goluptious. Traveler can take some of fruit, dried fruit and chocolate to wait oneself.

· to the traveler that drives oneself, the proposal passes a sector of an area with high height above sea level more quickly as far as possible. More difficult Geermu goes to Lhasa a section of a highway, grow 1100 kilometers, general in the morning 3, set out at 4 o'clock, at nightfall can arrive. If accommodation can be in that, install much or when hero, the condition is relatively a bit better.

On the way main tourist attraction:

· Qinghai lake: China's biggest fresh water lake, with " bird island " famous, the summer is optimal journey season, be apart from Xining 150 kilometers.

Temple of · tower Er: Famous Cang Chuanfo teachs Gelupa fane, according to legend is a noise made in coughing or vomiting cling to the Great Master's birthplace. Be apart from Xining 30 kilometers.

· bavin amounts to wooden basin: There are 400 kilometers about before arriving at Geermu, typical desert view. The little oasis such as Mu Hong of Xiangride, Nuo is adorned.

· on the west old beach: The small town with supplementary rations has a meal before crossing Kunlun mountain. Look far, the Yu Zhufeng with the most familiar climber is not distant.

· Kunlun mountain pass: Leave Geermu 110 kilometers, altitude 4700 meters. There is those who turn over poach hero Suonadajie here monumental.

· 5 bridge: It is place of worst of climate of green Tibet highway allegedly, have downy reaction easily. Local doggerel is: Cross 5 bridge, cry dad calls a woman again. Enter and leave around of this small town to have a paragraph of flagging each, very bumpy.

· alls alone Na Dajie protects a station naturally: By famous environmentalist Yang Xin prepares to construct. Can know the story of the soul-stirring that spreads out around Tibetan antelope place here.

Edge of river of a small bay in a river of · a small bay in a river: Here is the start that heads for fountainhead of the Yangtse River. Highway edge has monument of fountainhead of a the Yangtse River, railway bridge and highway bridge are called " the Yangtse River the first bridge " , can photograph accept as a souvenir.
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