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Of name other people formal

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Name other people is a very important thing, the misgivings that is like appellation should let other very easily arise instantly allergy, even envy and hate cannot be at ease in heart for a long time.

The person of understanding:

The person that has known to oneself is much with Mr. Ms. Or Mrs. Wait before be being added in surname appellation, be like Mr. Chang, ms. Tsing, mrs. Huang, never surname in order to use a generation.
Say George of American country father for example? Washington, people says certainly for gentleman of Washington president, Washington, because this is his surname, if call him Mr George, assure to astonish the whole audience, because the black flunky previously will be only such appellation is master, it is not clear that this bit of compatriots often is done, also let others so uncannily again and again.


Had better add his title to anybody, be like the president, ambassador, senatorial, professor... etc, in order to show respect, before also be like of course, be being narrated is go up with be being added after honor of the full name of its person or surname appellation, ten million also is not received on name.

3 kinds of people go up in calling card and generally speaking has is lifelong and applicable on honor, these 3 kinds of people are:

The rank of nobility of Doctor of ambassadorial Ambassador, doctor and noble of royalty of fair Hou Bai Zinan. In appellation title must be added when them, express otherwise very irreverent, regard humiliate as even, be sure to keep one's eyes peeled.

The person that does not know:

Can Mr. Of Madam appellation, compatriots has compatriots of many one regard sb as an outsider to call "Sir" , this is incorrect, be opposite only look apparent very elder or although do not know its full name,be but it is very important public figure apparently just now applicable, it is OK also to face the officer that executing official business, fuzz to wait of course Sir appellation is respected with the watch. And the photograph is same to the lady with Madam appellation, no matter she is married.

To the youngster:

Can say for Young Man, young girl calls Young Lady, dot is OK conceal calls Kid(s) , say more courteously for Young Master, here Master is not master meaning, of a bit similar mandarin ' young prince ' the appellation law of and so on.

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