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Foreign formal encyclopedia - - those who drink is formal

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Wine kind the service is normally in be in charge of pouring a few wine goblet by the clerk, let a guest differentiate character to whether have by accident. Simply regards it as a kind of form, drink a sip of answer Good. Then, attendant can come wine, at this moment, do not start work go taking goblet, and should put goblet on the desk to go by attendant.

The correct pose that hold sign is to use 3 finger to hold a cup of foot gently. Make wine lukewarm to avoid the temperature of the hand heighten, use base of handholding cup of thumb, middle finger and forefinger, the base station that the little finger puts in the cup is fixed.

When drinking absolutely cannot sorption is drunk, tilt however goblet, resembling is put wine on the tongue like drink. Light light jolty goblet lets wine and air contact in order to increase the alcohol of wine flavour sweet, but not violent shake a cup.

In addition, quaff, edge drinks an edge to see a person through goblet, taking edge of the conversation side goblet to drink, when having a thing, drink, lipstick imprints in goblet edge classy, it is discourteous behavior. Do not brush the lipstick on cup edge to imprint with finger, it is better to be brushed with face tissues.

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