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Hill of the door that enter a day has God really in this ladder [graph]

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Face unique beautiful scenery, the person often can feel clumsiness is mixed without arrange, even the lowliness of ego. Perhaps be in because of long-term life city, cross between the Lou Yu at row upon row of, depressed the too much longing to nature, accordingly, face magnificent extensive when my body grand when Home Zhang group, for this landscape amazed, dump, madly.

Day door hill is the hill with top height above sea level of Home Zhang group, get a name because of hole of door of day of natural marvellous spectacle. Menshangu calls the day fleabane bridge hill, period of the Three Kingdoms, fleabane bridge hill one cliff splits suddenly, just like a door, wu Di feels this is auspicious, then fleabane bridge hill also from this hill of Yi Mingtian door.

The choice visits day door hill by cableway is optimal perspective. Cableway condole compartment stands one piece room, immediately rise high into the air flew, a from the city the top passes by a building, be just as in the city in the sky glide. After turning over a ridge, the city was cast to be beyond the line of sight far, big emerald green rice field greet, pass through the ventilated window that open, a faint scent ooze with a green grass peculiar paddy field enters a heart lienal. Or tall or low farmhouse often has glided from our body, flocks and herds people in twos and threes is carefree wear in field float, quiet, unruffled. Had turned over a mountain peak again, we are surrounded by the fresh and green place of full hill instantly, bluff of 10 thousand an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi already also threw oneself into his arms. Cableway bracket stands tall and upright in bluff natural barrier, or stand firm or dump or probe or hug, we continue itinerary in hardships and dangers, concealed of from time to time did not pile at the cloud, from time to time is born at canopy. The some outside the alarmingly dangerous stimulation that you are full of besides that looks at all alone only and promote at this moment sighed. I took a lot of gramophone records, but always feel or come down without enough record of the miniascape in this sky strong

Be in impending after 24 minutes experienced 8 mountain peak of strange danger, our heart just falls dependably to the ground eventually, reached the peak.

Hill issues the rain on fine hill. Take go up in environmental protection car, the is like black to be like jade painted screen that arrives through visibility of car window place and bluff of 1000 an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi grand; What can experience is ileum swinging gas is strange absolutely with shake picturesquely like the poem. Outside the window still drizzle is drizzly, environmental protection car continues whirly the turn in highway of exceeding lofty or great on the road, abrupt in front those who cannot see road is outspread, but the car still is in former fast travel, let a person more or less fear a bit, who knows, be in after 180 degrees of take a sudden turn, environmental protection car still travel connects extremely big path to go up in what be hanged at half sky, safe and sound. This is highway of exceeding lofty or great roughly " absolutely " , do not have a road to be able to go obviously, the angle that who knows to make you unthinkable from however receives add of your line of sight rise. Time look, it is pretty has artistic concept really, resemble a megalosaurus, climb add in hill body, winding and go up.
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