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Search carry on to allow the time that is forgotten

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Go for the first time when carry on is promoted, follow a tourist guide to move back and forth in the crowd inside Lu Xun former residence, went along with all the others again next Lan Ting, east lake, big Yu Ling, Shen Yuan. Follow stream bright will reject toward, these asing if is you can hearing the scene area that sees paint flavour a region of rivers and lakes in the dream in fokelore really?

Chu Xia's season, I am promoted in carry on walk alone in the city, a true carry on is promoted walk along an edge to take a fancy to in the edge gradually bright. Those days that are forgotten, clearer and clearer.

   Course story of Wang Xi one a large bamboo or wicker basket

■ circuit: Carry on begins a railway station -- , on the west street -- , temple of bead of Buddhist monastic discipline -- , the bridge that inscribe fan

■ what need time: After arriving at carry on to promote in the morning, ramble these 3 tourist attractions, time more than sufficient. Besides orchid booth elegant collect, promote in carry on there still are a lot of clueses of Tong Wangxi that concern inside the city.

Be apart from carry on to begin the drop with the closest railway station bead temple is Wang Xi formerly former residence. According to legend ever had a monk to arrive visit, of Wang Xi will most the bright phearl conveniently that love is put on the desk, discover bead disappeared later, special suspicion monk. After the monk goes back, injustice difficult argue, with " death " for the name starved to death. Did not pass how long, the Bai E of Wang Xi's home also does not eat to be not drunk dead actually. Sliver goose abdomen looks, it is this goose devoured unexpectedly bright phearl. Repenting coming of Wang Xi, contributed whole oneself residence Buddhism along with all the others, and holograph inscribe horizontal plaque " temple of bead of Buddhist monastic discipline " .

From Buddhist monastic discipline bead temple comes out, along the Ji hill street before forth, the stone arch bridge of a Gao Chang appears in awesomely at the moment. Weather is very good, the air on bridge floor became full clothings, masked Shi Qiao's real features. " of Xi of advance book king pass " write down have: "Taste in cover a roof with straw hill sees one old Lao holds 6 horn fan to sell, the book of Xi its each 5 words, there is gloomy countenance at the beginning of Lao, because call Lao cloud: Dan Yan is Wang Youjun book, in an attempt to 100 money, lao if character, person contest buys " .

Allegedly gammer encounters Wang Xi again later, chasing after him to be for oneself again on fan inscribe. Of Wang Xi realize fun leaves big, face about hides in the alley after the bridge. From now on, wang Xi at the beginning of that Shi Qiao that encounters gammer is called out by people " the bridge that inscribe fan " , the alley that avoids gammer is called " hide the mother-in-law is done " .


After □ gets off from the railway station, go southward along emancipatory road, the branch road that calls Shi Jiachi the edge from goes in, make a turn again below Ji hill foot of a hill, go on the west on the street. Along the street is temple of bead of Buddhist monastic discipline forth on the west. □ give up bead temple entrance ticket 5 yuan
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