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Lukewarm Tibet of You Sheng of home of 11 golden weeks swims 7 days to quote 128

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Kang Jingjing of reporter of our newspaper learn on job reports yesterday, reporter from force of the many troops that believe a country, divine boat nation, medium the much home travel agent such as black force understands, home of 11 golden weeks swims this year channel of 9 stockaded village, Hainan 3 inferior, Hua Dongwu saves and other places to remain the heat that sign up, what hide railroad as blueness is enlightened, tibet swims to also warm up apparently.

Channel of 9 stockaded village still is heat

Although channel of 9 stockaded village appeared on September 10,the tourist guide stops round disturbance, but local tourism bureau states the problem already was solved clearly, won't affect 11 visit. Watch those who spend type to visit to trotting along on horseback at each district, deepness of channel of 9 stockaded village swims more lay particular stress on goes vacationing at recreational type. The many troops that believe a country was rolled out this year " yellow Long Sifei of 9 stockaded village swims 5 days " , the price is controlled in 8000 yuan, basically face a preference to deepness swims and do not have the tourist of shopping journey group.

The tourist of clew of Liu Binggang manager of the many troops that believe a country: Partial person can have downy reaction, ask a tourist to be in an equipment before travel is very daily medicines and chemical reagents and medicaments of reaction to high altitudes.

Hainan advocate push honeymoon to swim

With other area visit photograph comparing, hainan turns the first selection of more and more sweethearts and new personality into travel resort. Each travel agent wait besides river of reservation the remotest corners of the earth, 10 thousand springs before the tradition visits the land outside, still swim in new personality in succession old write an essay.

The many troops that believe a country is in " 11 " during rolled out 3 inferior " 4 stars are pure enjoy a group " , arranged to the project of lover bay excursive that withholds primitive and natural landscape, give water lung go under water. The price that Hainan swims is in 3000 yuan commonly, 5000 yuan or so.

Tibet swims to warm up apparently

Green Tibet railroad is enlightened, the railroad that Tibet of each travel agent swims and aviation circuitry rolled out more excursion than last year apparently circuit. The price that at present Tibet swims is in commonly 5000 yuan of above. Among them, the by a definite date that black force rolls out in 7 days " the brigade of heaven " quote is equivalent to Europe swimming, the price is 12800 yuan.

"The brigade of heaven " " push a village " be located in southwest of Tibetan Lhasa city to be in billow checkpost county, altitude 5070 meters, it is the world's highest dorp, only 37 other peoples make an appointment with 150 people inside the village. As a result of a place difficult of access of force of local altitude upland, average car cannot be entered, travel agent arrangement is so unified take Feng Tian car to enter. Additionally travel agent needs to carry the life appliance such as tent, sleeping bag, cooking utensils, food oneself, still reserve wagon and aerobic bag wait, make viatic value relative taller.
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