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The sort of the passport

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Current, expand as the association between world each country, economy contacts personnel of increasingly close, contact to add much, main content gradually each different, the sort because of this passport and name also gradually much rise. Have general passport, official passport, diplomacy passport, journey passport, colony passport or foreign nationality passport, consular passport, special passport, mariner passport, and the viatic card that replaces a passport and Id. And to us these go abroad for the person that study abroad, unless be public school,those who study abroad is official passport, it is common passport commonly.

Generally speaking, the passport that most country issues has 3 kinds: Diplomatic passport, official passport or official passport and common passport. We understand the passport of these different sort below.

Diplomatic passport

Diplomatic passport is the government sends one country the foreign affair that is stationed in a foreign country delegate, consular official and go abroad the used passport such as member of delegation of the national head of state that has pragmatic activity, summit, state-owned assemblyman, government, also apply to the spouse of afore-mentioned personnel and minor children, the passport is mark has " diplomacy " DIPLOMATIC model of written characters. The person of hold diplomacy passport, get in abroad esteem and courteous reception, some enjoys diplomatic prerogative and exempt.

Official passport

Official passport also calls an official the passport, it is to send the personnel that goes abroad to undertake all sorts of official activities, if the government is general official, outside be stationed in, make, the staff member that get a house and the personnel that send abroad to execute the mission such as culture, economy. The mark on the passport has " official " SERVICE, or " official " OFFICAL model of written characters.

Common passport

Common passport is to send the native citizen that heads for foreign country or reside abroad foreign country because of private affairs foreign passport. Common passport is to look the amount is issued on preexistence bound most, use a kind of the most extensive passport. Period of efficacy is 5 years. Each country diplomacy, official, common the passport that waits for different sort, have except mark diplomacy, official, common outside the passport that waits for different sort, express with color of different the title page of a thread-bound book commonly, some cover design and passport size also have distinction.

Mariner passport

It is the mariner internationally voyage, special certificate that uses habitat. Press international convention, mariner passport or mariner card hold person, not only can travel each country, and still give each other avoid the give special treatment that manages visa.

U.N. pass

It is the identity document that come-and-go of U.N. official internationally carries out official place hold. Regulation of United Nations Charter, the member of U.N. represents the official with U.N. , ought to enjoy its to carry out the prerogative with functionary indispensible place and exempt independently. Each national capital regards this kind of pass as the lawful certificate that has passport effectiveness, give the treatment of diplomat or certain level with holder.
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