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The passport saves common sense

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The passport is important international journey papers, for journey and the convenience that live daily, whatever moment, should enhance a passport custodial consciousness:

One, do not carry a passport easily. When the passport is not used, should deposit the passport in oneself fire prevention, waterproof, guard against theft, clear safe place.

2, copy the passport, deposit apart with the passport, with equipment passport in case after losing, use. When necessary, also can be in keep of notarial passport photocopy to reserve to notarization.

3, go out when the journey needs to carry a passport truly, the attention does not put the passport inside the car at will, or inside the handbag, should the passport close-fitting carry.

4, had better not carry the other certificate such as passport and Id along with all the others go out. Need to go out at the same time truly when using, also do not wait for passport and Id put together, or number this passport is put together, lose in order to avoid at the same time, create the awkward situation that does not have any identity document.

5, when public place needs to use a passport, want to notice to reduce a passport to use a number. When leaving, should affirm the passport already was placed appropriate.

6, do not regard gage or substitute as the passport.

7, conceal passport and conceal do not sign up for will reissue to the passport cause difficulty. Passport of buying and selling will be punished by law.

8, in case passport losing, answer to report the circumstance to diplomatic and consular missions is cancelled as soon as possible, avoid to be used by other place.

9, pick up obtain other passport, answer to hand in oneself as soon as possible, or the processing of diplomatic and consular missions that sends former hair to reflect mechanism or in the neighborhood.

10, appropriate still answers to save former China passport after former China citizen joins foreign citizenship, or send diplomatic and consular missions to cancel its (give along with all the others with foreign passport or citizenship proof, the Chinese passport after cancelling will return him) .

11, should notice to check passport term of validity, inside before period of efficacy is full 6 months application adjourns, lest the passport expires.

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