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The content of visa and application process

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Visa is basic content: Code name of visa sort, visa, into leave the country (pass through the territory of a country) purpose, retention is restricted, significant number, sign and issue an orgnaization, sign and issue official of place, visa to sign affix one's seal, sign and issue date and visa charge. Some countries are returned with visa gainer photograph (the consistent) that goes up with the passport, some still is stuck have printing and the label that prevent bogus.

Application process: Chinese citizen applies foreign visa, no matter be to entrust,do sth for sb, still be oneself are dealt with directly, need to pass commonly following a few programs:

1, the effective certificate that submits valid passport to perhaps can replace a passport;

2, pay check and the of all kinds certificate that apply for correspondence of main content photograph, include those who head for a country to enter a country the of all kinds concerned proof that license and our country notary organization issue;

3, fill in foreign visa files form, at the same time capture pays him near future without hat of 2 inches of fronts half body photograph, the photograph that must go up with the passport is consistent;

4, ibid is stationed in toward the country China embassy or consulate official are interviewed, some countries set, the person that Fan Shen asks immigrant visa must interview, ability decides; Also have some of state regulation, application is not immigrant visa also must interview;

5, head for a country embassy or consulate, file all sorts of visa that fill appropriate form and necessary proof material, report home is in charge of a branch to examine approval, the diplomatic and consular missions that has a few state has authority to grant visa directly, but still must turn newspaper home puts on record;

6, after the director branch that heads for a country undertakes necessary examine and verify, will examine and approve opinion announcement to be stationed in China diplomatic and consular missions, if agree, grant visa namely; If be rejected to enter a country, also can inform him applicant;

7, obtain ratifier to be stationed in toward the country ahead China charge of visa of pay of diplomatic and consular missions, generally speaking, different visa collects fees different, immigrant visa fare is much, be not immigrant visa charge little, also some of national ground each other avoids certificate fee agreement, do not collect fees.

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