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On September 13, it is the day that new student of school of Shijiazhuang city tourism reports for duty, however this school 11 art kind the new life with professional service is in aviation this day to be informed suddenly however, this are professional already by cancel, they need to turn. On September 16 morning, swat of one student home telephones, the practice that does not have major of any cancel of announcement do sth without authorization beforehand to the school expresses intense dissatisfaction.

Term begins be informed professional cancel that day

16 days midday, the reporter is in travel saw Shijiazhuang city be faced with before school door turn a few professional students and partial student parent. Among them parent of a student tells a reporter, because oneself child prefers aviation to serve major, because this classics chooses cautiously, just decide to enter oneself for an examination this school. Arrived on August 28 after school, the military training that students began by a definite date 10 days, just end till September 8. During, the school did not leak the information of any concerned cancel major. On September 13 morning, when students return to school after the vacation plans class hour, be informed suddenly however by the school aviation service is professional already by cancel, this professional student needs to turn toward other and professional study. The reason is class number little, power of the teacher of the school, persons qualified to teach is insufficient.

In this officer that students offer the reporter on recruit students general rules saw 2006, major of service of this school aviation predicts recruit students this year 40. However students tell a reporter, up to now only 11 students report for duty this, "Among them a classmate may have complied with arrangement turns toward other be transferred to civilian work. "Among them a classmate may have complied with arrangement turns toward other be transferred to civilian work..

3 kinds solve means to cannot be accepted

Parents tell a reporter, to entering oneself for an examination aviation serves professional student, the school gave out 3 kinds of means of settlements: It is to turn to run class of enter a higher school of speak or sing alternately for travel; 2 it is to turn for common the aviation of property of class of high post three-year institution of higher learning serves 3 2 major; If before two kinds of means cannot be accepted, have transfer to another school only.

To this, parents express, "At the outset we enter oneself for an examination this are professional, take a fancy to it to belong to class of enter a higher school namely, art can attend after 3 years kind the university entrance exam, thereby the opportunity rises the sky of high post school such as institute of Wuhan profession technology to multiply major. " and the class of enter a higher school of travel management be geared to the needs of the job of this school just attends speak or sing alternately to take an exam, promote school of high post of provincial certain college or speak or sing alternately, the choice range of students is very narrow. School of professional to turning, transfer, they cannot be accepted.
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