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Beijing flying Xiamen is roundtrip only 900 yuan lie forcedly with the train the

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Reporter yesterday (16 days) from home the biggest electron passenger ticket acts as agent orgnaization -- empty journey net understands You Yihang, before September 29, beijing -- Shanghai -- one-way lowest is Xiamen course 550 yuan, going there and back is 900 yuan. This price follows K307 unexpectedly second those who leave for Xiamen is roundtrip lie forcedly the price keeps balance, but the train travel that should compare 33 hours is much faster.

According to introducing, this course is You Yi net hand in hand Oriental airline rolls out jointly greet product of golden week special offer, this price continues to September 28 all the time. Additional, come from September 29 on October 31, you Yi net is returned hand in hand Shanghai Airline rolls out same Beijing -- Shanghai -- Xiamen special offer is hit lose airline ticket, the price is one-way 640 yuan, go back and forth between 1100 yuan. This means a passenger to be in " 11 " around goes to what Xiamen can buy petty gain as much hitting lose a bill, be equivalent to price of normal airline ticket 3 fold the left and right sides.

Needing those who remind a passenger is, because of this course book an amount increasing everyday, and airliner seat is finite. To ensure seat, so need passenger shifts to an earlier date 3 days or so to undertake booking, and need to shift to an earlier date during the golden week a week is booked.

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