Shijiazhuang airport will undertake extend can stop plane of the biggest empty c

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Recently, civil aviaton of project of extend of airport of Shijiazhuang of allowance of total bureau of Chinese civil aviaton is special fund 200 million yuan, basically be used at facilities of flight division facilities transform. As we have learned, after changing extend project to finish, shijiazhuang airport will upgrade by 4D class the class that it is 4E, run slippery span and field path norms accord with the world to go up the plane in the biggest sky " A380 " case fall requirement. At the appointed time, shijiazhuang new airport can ensure the world to get on of all kinds and large airlines fall since safety.

Airport of 500 million yuan of investment changes extend

According to Heibei province hair changes appoint concerned personage introduces, last year the end of the year, civil aviaton total bureau and province government were signed jointly in Shijiazhuang " deciding the airport to change summary of extend problem talk about Shijiazhuang " (the following abbreviation " summary " ) . Basis " summary " , bilateral will joint investment undertakes 500 million yuan changing extend to Shijiazhuang airport. Civil aviaton total bureau arranges gold of 200 million yuan of capital, province government arranges gold of 250 million yuan of capital, empty canal project is in charge of investment 50 million yuan by civil aviaton total bureau.

"At present Shijiazhuang airport changes extend project to undertaking in insecurity, aircraft parking area already was finished make an appointment with 2/3, predict finishing in October. Additional, await pre-construction of project of machine building extend to work to intensifying undertaking, predict this year in November start working. " Mr Wang that Shijiazhuang airport changes extend engineering command post says.

Shijiazhuang airport is 4D class now

"Current, shijiazhuang airport is Heibei saves airport of civil aviaton of class of the first large 4D. " province hair changes appoint port department says about the personage, differentiate according to wing size, at present airport cent is B kind, C kind, D kind with E kind, e kind the airport is country's biggest airport, can accommodate the largest airlines case fall.

Afore-mentioned Mr Wang gentlemen introduce, the type that at present Shijiazhuang airport flies has Boeing 737 (140 many seats) , wheat 90 (140 many seats) , CRJ (40 many seats) , ERJ (40 many seats) .

The level that it is 4E will raise after changing extend

"After changing extend, shijiazhuang airport will raise the level that it is 4E by 4D class. " province hair changes appoint concerned personage says, after changing extend, shijiazhuang airport will be had " A380 " safeguard ability. "' A380 ' , can bear the weight of about 400~500 passenger. " Mr Wang says, airport of city of the stone after changing extend but at the same time berth 24 large and medium-sized plane, height hour passenger takes in and send out in large quantities ability is 1000 person-time. Revise extend project this year in May start working, in May 2008 the complete before the bottom.

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