President of long flourish aviation visits Hainan aviation each other to express

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On August 31, on September 2, headquarters of management of group of president of long flourish aviation Mr Lin Baoshui, long flourish is stationed in chinese mainland to always represent Zhou Baoyu gentleman and be stationed in chinese mainland to represented Mr Liang Wenlong to undertake inspecting a visit to Hai Hang. During, leader and guest had friendly talk related Liu Dan of chief inspector of finance affairs of share of boat of Zhu Yimin of share of boat of assistant president of Wang Jian of bureau of director of sea boat group, sea's president, sea and Hai Hang share, the possibility that with respect to two sides 3 ground cooperate and the other side undertook discuss and communicating, both sides was full of confidence to did not cooperate.

This second inspect a visit to make each other deepen both sides understanding, promotional friendship, laid good foundation to will cooperate henceforth. Call in through this activity, program of the development state of affairs with long flourish aviation and sea respective boat, strategy and market prospect had to be mixed in the round, objectively clear understanding, also deepened the friendship between each other and faith further at the same time, work to next bilateral discussing, undertake 3 ground collaboration established two sides good foundation, the collaboration that carries a territory in aviation to promoting both sides has important sense.

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