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Graph 1: On September 6, dong Hang, Shanghai Airline and Taiwan revive aviation invests industry association to give a bill at the same time in Shanghai Taiwan brethren, taiwan businessman Huang Maoyuan (in) early in the morning comes round to buy a ticket. Hair of China News Service, photography: Pan Suofei

In new network on September 11 report: Taiwan establishs flourish aviation charter flight of cross-strait the Mid-autumn Festival will reach roundtrip on October 8 Kaohsiung and Xiamen on September 30 respectively 2006, this is charter flight of cross-strait autumn section flies to boat Kaohsiung exclusively -- the airline of Xiamen. Establish flourish aviation and offer Xiamen free bus turns by reach urban sightseeing to serve, make passenger two sides going there and back more convenience.

According to " central company " report, li Ronghang of charter flight of the Mid-autumn Festival collects MD-90 machine to fly for nothing boat, offer 152 seating, include cabin of 12 business affairs and 140 tourist class, charter flight was reached on September 30 on October 8 in the morning 10 when take off by Kaohsiung, that day morning 11 when fly to Xiamen 35 minutes; Reached on September 30 on October 8 midday 12 when also take off 55 minutes at Xiamen, that day afternoon 14 when return Kaohsiung 30 minutes.

As we have learned, charter flight of sky autumn section divides Li Ronghang offer exclusive delimit a bar service outside, close with Xiamen airport particularly make, offer free bus to turn by, the passenger should show airline ticket of charter flight of aviation establishing flourish only, can change free bus to take, bus of by Xiamen airport stands, turn toward each city such as head of fontal city, Zhangzhou, Fuzhou, Pu Tian, Shan, current state, Shenzhen; Exceed the passenger of 3 hours of above at time of Xiamen a favourable turn, can enjoy freely take double deck bus to head for Xiamen urban district half days to swim.

Respect of aviation establishing flourish expresses, charter flight of the Mid-autumn Festival is comfortable this year meet 11 golden weeks grow the mainland holiday and Taiwan mid-autumn the successive holiday of festival, certainly will of demand of charter flight seat number soars.


Graph 2: On September 6, the staff member of airline is welcoming Suzhou nation force come to book the Taiwan businessman that reserves charter flight airline ticket with the phone. Hair of China News Service, photography: Wang Jiankang

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