The Chongqing since 25 days flies to Beijing to need 470 yuan only

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Chongqing business signs up for dispatch (Wang Tao of reporter Chen Baofa's reporter) yesterday (20) day, come out from Chongqing airport message: Since September 25, flying Beijing wants 470 yuan only, so cheap airline ticket is each airline roll out before the golden week 3 discount fare. In the meantime, the citizen still can buy the special offer airline ticket of the city such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen ahead of schedule.

Personnel discloses related center of ticket of Chongqing airport carry out, to meet 11 golden weeks, each airline that throws transport power in Chongqing airport is in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen to wait for aviation hot line to roll out special offer ticket. But buy special offer airline ticket, the citizen needs to shift to an earlier date 5 act to 7 days.

According to introducing, since September 25, chongqing is executed in the round to Beijing course 3 discount fare, the favourable price that rolls out 470 yuan (do not contain fuel tax and airport construction cost) . Include all tax cost and machine to build cost to also compare train sleeper fare only so expensive 100 multivariate. Shanghai line is small to 5.5 fold, guangzhou and Shenzhen line are small to 4 fold.

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