Malaysia airline will restore east mainstay line serves Ma Fei

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(Malaysia kuala lumpur 15 days of dispatch) Malaysia airline will restore churchyard of Malaysia the eastpart part to be not mainstay line service, the flight number that also can increase mainstay line at the same time serves.

Malaysia airline publishs proclamation to point out now, it is to answer the requirement of Malaysia government and public personage, and the decision begins 18 days from this month, provide two contact everyday inferior shelter serve with the flight in the United States, and ancient Jin Yumin also has a flight number between Lu Zhi.

This expresses, malaysia airline has contact 4 times everyday inferior shelter and fight lake and inferior shelter make the flight number between the root with hill, and from this month 18 days begin, in the United States with Gu Jinzhi between back and forth order criterion instead everyday 3 times.

Have in view of some, the Boeing that Malaysia airline Si adds a 144 seats the service of 737 flights.

Proclamation says, malaysia airline also will add inferior shelter the order with Na Min, 18 days begin this month, from originally everyday two times of airliners increase, can begin to increase 4 numbers on October 1, and of kuala lumpur and Na Min back and forth the airliner also increases since October 1 everyday two.

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