"11 " golden week Guangzhou only then hair airliner fare prep above in former ye

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Reporter yesterday (14) day learns from branch of Guangzhou of net of the journey that carry Cheng, because be touched mid-autumn,go up the golden week, give pedestrian increase. This year " 11 " hill of channel of the bound of past Zhang Jia, 9 stockaded village before Guangzhou sets out, Kunming, Xi'an, Wu Yi the airliner that wait, the price is in 7 fold above, those who compare in former years 5 fold or so tower above a lot of.

Channel of Guilin, Li Jiang, 9 stockaded village, Tibet regard popular travel as circuit, predicting airline ticket can begin insecurity from September 28, mixed on September 30 can reach peak on October 1, right now total value sells more. Golden week metaphase came to will get alleviating on October 5 on October 3 namely, and return airline ticket begins insecurity again from October 6, the price likelihood and " 11 " before keep balance.

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