Tianjin seaside airport this morning big mist diffuses 12 airliners by incur los

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In the morning, learn from Tianjin seaside International Airport, this morning the airport is enveloped by big mist, the smallest visibility is not worth 100 meters. Cut is consummate midday 9:30, big mist already caused 12 airliners incur loss through delay. Airport respect says, this is " the Beginning of Autumn " since first because of mist " shut " the airport.

In the morning by the airliner of incur loss through delay in, should be in 7:0The BE2821 that 0 takeoff Tianjin fly to Harbin time of second airliner incur loss through delay is the longest. Other the HU7697 of the HU7211 of the HU7669 of the HU7205 of the CA1317 of the CA1421 of the HU7203 of the BK2825 that is returned to have flying Hangzhou by the outback airliner of incur loss through delay, flying Xuzhou, flying Chengdu, flying Guangzhou, flying Shanghai, flying Qingdao, flying Dalian, flying Huhhot and of flying Zhengzhou. In the meantime, the CA171 of Tianjin flying Korea the CA103 of second international airliner, flying Hong Kong second area airliner, also because of big mist incur loss through delay. Many 1000 passenger must not be absent await machine building patience to await.

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