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Study abroad the United States: Need not be fear of, the friend is awaiting you

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As the undergraduate that the plan takes advanced courses, you already made a string big to American life of future probably forecast.

If you resemble a lot of other students, you perhaps ask yourself already, " can American course differ to be repaired in home at me read? What appearance can my professor and classmate grow be? How to written guarantee make friend? How to blend in among them? Does the school have any services to assist me to find me fixed position in learning and gregarious world? "

Fortunately, major college all has in the light of this problem, intercurrent the service that helps international student get used to the United States to live showpiece. The service that these university institute provide includes student of training of international student new student, international coach it is course of service, special English, OK to reach is the introduction different the organization that American friend and culture give international the student (does Wu Aida carry on his shoulder or back the Boise State of the city? University also provides this service) . Major college offers training of international student new student, so that what the answer concerns,Wu Zhu book, course, achievement, visa is mixed its are lawful problem, in the United States the job, bank opens an account, etc side issue.

Besides the question that answers you, training of international student new student is a big the main chance that can let you study culture of student of more and other international. Immediately you can know you are in the United States is not only new life, like that you are met on after horse and this group of new friends have new adhesion. Train besides whole new life, annual of American major college offers a few auxiliary sexes


For instance Boise State University has the auxiliary service of kind of configuration. The personnel annual that permits the office in international student enter a school can answer your question, include course, job, visa to wait a moment, coaching place and the staff that test a center, can answer your question on private life.

Although enter American college for application, you are indispensible those who reach English capacity some is specific standard, but perhaps be in flower skill respect still needs special help. Major college offers course of a few English, give international the student especially. In Boise State University, international student can add English curriculum, course of a few English is set to the student of additional help needs in English skill respect, the lowermost standard that calculates them to had achieved TOEFL result (university department 500 minutes, institute 550 minutes) .

Most after, to help new friend of your associate with, acquire more American culture, begin to develop new social life, university of all United States all offers different club and activity. Arrive from rugger go, always some of thing offers each person. Some universities offer international student even special organization.
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