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Denmark studies abroad: Application school and visa are all-around strategy

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Denmark studies abroad characteristic:

1) avoid tuition, educational level is high, english of international graduate student gives lessons.

2) be in relatively in red Chinese flower, the country such as heart, law is gotten less much.

3) national class is high, boreal Europe Gao Fuli country, european Union, explain root member, other of free pass in and out explain root country.

4) allow dozen of work time 14 hours every week, summer vacation time not in a limited time.

5) Denmark is peculiar " numerous tall " the school (Folkhoejskole, high school level) , application is very convenient.

Denmark studies abroad requirement:

Apply for university English course, need college is reading two years of above, TOEFL 550 or elegant think of 6 above. Application is numerous tall, year full 18 one full year of life can.

Flow strategy:

One) application school

Get online find the school, the home in red (Www.kina.cc/dk) of home page " national university directory " and " advanced institute directory " on have Denmark the name of all and normal institution of higher learing and network address. This collection is a net go up most the the system, most normative, most complete Danish college directory, skill metaphrase teachs sectional material at Denmark, excel is all search catalog, medley the collects randomly by individual, collective college directory on the book. Country of the Denmark inside community still has a few to introduce and be experienced what company civilian is place school compose on department elite edition collection.

Denmark has English version on the website of every college, can look for British ensign or " English " model of written characters is clicked enter. In English edition you can find ministry of its international student or the connection letter box that recruit the office very quickly, and the project that English gives lessons. With Email connection, introduce him case simply and demand application form. The application form of a lot of schools can download directly in its website use.

Get applying for to fill in in good condition, prove related along with, Xerox (except blame requirement original) mail goes to the school. School cognizance thinks to accord with a condition to be able to be sent directly commonly admit a letter.

2) application passport

Each country studies abroad application passport process is same. See " KINA.cc studies abroad chrestomathy " roll 3.

3) application visa (Www.kina.cc)

By admit an announcement to apply for to learn visa, 1 of period of efficacy year.
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