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Germany studies abroad new code studies abroad take advanced courses safer

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Germany promulgated a series of new law, code this year, our country studies abroad the concerned expert of the orgnaization becomes knowledge to this commentate with the analysis:

Foreign student keeps a license to be lengthened in what apply for a job after graduation; Senior talented person will from can give at the beginning long-term and resident, can get instantly " how to reside a license " , come together or hind the household that reach owns working license.

Germany studies abroad visa data raised a medical treatment of 90 days of journeys to be sure on original basis. To the adjustment of visa material, make still be done not have to Germany first can the student with the safe medical treatment on there's still time became much one heavy safeguard. Had this is safe, ailing charge can let insurance company assume one share.

These profit are good message, go to to the hope heart for the student that take advanced courses, it is good luck a year when cannot miss undoubtedly. But at the same time, german study is to need to be mixed assiduously of hardships, believe all having annals at studying abroad German student is under his effort can smoothly finish school.

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