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How does the fare grade of airline differentiate?

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General component is airline fare first-class stateroom cabin, official cabin and tourist class 3 kinds of grade. Every kinds of grade is mixed according to regular fare again a variety of different and special favourable admission fee differentiate for code name of different cabin seat or berth. Code name of first-class stateroom cabin is F commonly, a; Official cabin code name is C commonly, d is waited a moment. The code name of tourist class, be like: Some course tourist class differentiate to be planted for Y, M, L, K, T5 code name, represent different admission fee, have different seat amount respectively, each airline on the world all are defined by oneself commonly use those letters to regard cabin seat or berth as code name, unified regulation is not had on code name of cabin seat or berth. The passenger should book the cabin seat or berth that went up to set only, with respect to the price that can use a provision.

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