Beijing is hit to Sanaa lose airline ticket

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Beijing is hit to Sanaa lose airline ticket| Price inquiry| Beijing arrives airline ticket of Sa accept A| Airliner inquiry

Airline ticket type: This ┑ dumpling  is arenaceous ⒋ Yang haying 

Set out: This 〣 Eijing

Change trains: Rostellum?Doha

Arrive: Anaa of  arenaceous 

Airline: Charming of ㄋ   exhibits  chaste treeMore airline is respected to information of airline ticket of Sa accept A invite report to seek advice)

Airline ticket price: コ4000 Roundtrip5600

Regulation of change the date: The passenger falls in the situation that does not need to take a Yuan Dinghang class certainly, must inform airline is procuratorial perhaps ahead of schedule abolish a place, regard NOSHOW as otherwise. Still did not do inside proper before the flight number that airline provides takes off time cancel and did not use airline ticket finally, if the passenger still needs to adopt change the date or the means of return a ticket uses former airline ticket, need additional pay NOSHOW fine. Other detail is called please010-65063676.

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