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Consumer of dark battle of market of Shenzhen airline ticket may enjoy more disc

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Bureau of Chinese civil aviation promulgates " the announcement that carries sale agent poundage to run way about changing domestic aviation " clear, airline ticket sale agent cancels since October 1 the airline ticket of 3% secures commission policy, change to negotiate the commission scale that airline ticket acts as agent with the agent directly by airline. The wide attention of enterprise of representative of on Shenzhen 1000 airline ticket is caused after new regulation is carried out, the commission that afraid airline gives airline ticket sale agent the person can decrease. Although at present of short duration of enterprise of aviation sale agent was not affected by new rule, but mostly enterprise of aviation sale agent begins to worry about prospective vivosphere, enterprise of ticket of partial carry out called loot client, may pay out of own pocket carry out ticket.

   □ market prospect

Aggravate of competition of airline ticket sale agent

Although aviation acts as agent,many people inside the enterprise think, agent of ticket of large scale computer is OK have the aid of is new on October 1 policy undertakes conformity to whole industry, can adopt chain or join in means will be numerous in small representative closes put in under one's name 's charge to expand oneself, enhance the weight used on a balance with airline argy-bargy further. But reporter discovery, no matter size aviation acts as agent,the enterprise is opposite in succession incessantly of new policy complain of suffering.

Analytic personage points out, in current airline ticket cent sells channel in, the acting fee that airline pays every year to agent is as high as billions of to get on one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan even. Each are big airline already began nibble of do all one can annual the airline ticket middleman's fee with huge amount, the passenger source between airline and acting enterprise contends for battle already start shooting. Be like last year when the Spring Festival, from the airline ticket that Zhengzhou goes to Guangzhou, through airline ticket acting company lowest can be hit 5 fold, and him airline the price of work off is lowest can be hit 3 fold.

Partial agent thinks, big to dimensions sale agent company, perhaps be an opportunity, act as agent after all the sale still is current airline ticket acts as agent advocate channel, and airline wants him to assume an airline ticket marketing entirely far from actual, after accordingly the market is unlocked, the company with big dimensions passes a negotiation, the standard that still perhaps can expend the representative mentions 3% above, but the sale agent company with small dimensions, perhaps be about to face a market crisis that brings by policy, because its scope is little, airline overwhelms the standard of acting poundage very likely 3% the following.
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