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Guo Taihang class crosses 100 passengers to be stranded 45 hours because of pluv

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Ever since the flight that airline arrangement passenger turns to go to Taipei by another, be rejected by passenger of many 30 inland, more produce conflict with unit staff, incident hustle and bustle is close two hours, 5 days of evening 11 when just accuse appease.

This newspaper receives an inland reader Mr Peng to complain, point to him 5 days to turn via Hong Kong by plane from Shanghai flying Taipei business, peaceful CX400 airliner decides the country that he takes 5 days formerly afternoon 4 when take off 25 minutes, fail to take off tardy however.

Mr Peng says: "The sky is raining heavily in those days, because,unit staff says temporarily weather question, say the plane needs to cheer again temporarily, in the evening 9 when more say (plane) bad, want us to turn by another flight. " he expresses, complete machine passenger is slow-witted wait 4.5 hours, airline did not explain a reason formally however, very malcontent its are arranged.

Mr Peng expresses, the 33 inland passenger that includes him inside rejects to turn by another flight, requirement country peaceful makes an explanation reach for incident excuse, but the other side appeals to without what pay attention to them beg, all unit staff more leave a plane, put out the air conditioning on machine. He expresses, personnel of two security personnel reachs to claim the employee of the manager is discussed to engine room and them, "Actually my bright (today) want early to attend a meeting to Taipei, do not want to delay, but very malcontent their processing technique, hope to receive logical explanation and apology only. Hope to receive logical explanation and apology only..

Yu Shixin of manager of peaceful enterprise summon for trial says the state, hinder to reach wind speed issue at heavy rain, 5 days of full day share 7 to come surely formerly the flying confidential of harbor turns flying Taipei reachs an Er, also have even more the airliner that 30 Hong Kong take off is affected.

Response passenger complains Yu Shixin point to, because the unit staff of CX400 should be worth duration to exceed a regulation, let them leave plane and staff of tone motive group according to exemple of civil aviaton law in the late evening so. She reiterates, unit staff Ceng Qingchu explains event to the passenger, final also in the late evening nearly 11 when resolve episode, all passenger already turned toward another airliner to fly on machine go to Taipei.

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